Active Directory Topology Visualization


My friend Wojciech has started his blog recently and you can find there a lot of interesting articles. His knowledge base is increasing, so keep an eye on his blog, it’s worth!

One of really useful articles at this moment is about Active Directory Topology Visualization

If you have ever considered documenting your Domain Controllers connection map but you could not find free and easy tool for that, Wojciech prepared Visual Basic Script generating your AD topology which you can simply use in your documentation.

It is really simple in use, just double click on it and wait couple of minutes (depend on the environment size – how many DCs are in your domain). After some time you will receive Domain Controllers connection map.

Generated Active Directory topology - downloaded from

Generated Active Directory topology – downloaded from

This is also helpful in process of troubleshooting. But for the details just take a look at

And do not forget visiting his blog to extend your Active Directory knowledge!

Author: Krzysztof Pytko


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