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I’m Krzysztof, I’m from Wroclaw, Poland.

I like helping people with solving their problems. I’m trying to do it as best as I can.

When I help others I also learn a lot, so it’s developing me too 🙂

I decided to start this blog with some guide articles. Feel free to comment them and give me a direction or suggestion what can I do better.

I would try to add new content regularly. Everything depends on my free time 🙂

I hope you will like my blog and help me with its contribution.

If you need help, you can find me on Microsoft Technet and Experts Exchange forums or send me an e-mail (please do not spam!) to kpytko at go2 dot pl. See you there 😀



16 responses to “About me”

  1. Denny says :

    Hi ,

    This is Denny, the creator of this free automated employee
    provisioning/termination app– Z-hire. I wrote this app for the TechNet community a year ago.

    Since you run a very informative blog, I would like your help
    spread the word. Since my application is free, i need supporters from the
    community. It would means a lot if you can help.

    Here is a link to my app


    • iSiek says :

      Hi, yes, sure. Let’s try to offer this tool for any volunteers 🙂

      I will test it also 🙂


    • Oscar says :

      Such a cool App – Dennys …i will test it myself since i work with all 3 Tecnologies – AD, Exchange and Lync.

      Great Work !!

  2. Oscar says :

    Hi Krzysztof,

    I was wondering if could do a post about ADDS Audit, i.e. Tracking Permissions on User Objects – Plus setting up FIM to sync accounts between Forests..those are things i would like to see here.



    • iSiek says :

      Hi Oscar,

      this is really good idea to prepare this kind of article. However, I would not be able to describe FIM as I have no experience with that at all, I’m sorry.
      I would try to prepare this article within the next few days based on Windows Server 2008R2/Windows Server 2012.


  3. Dali says :

    I am introducing the first srv 2008 r2 to my 2003 domain and went though all the step with no error. When I try to run dcprom on the 2008r2 server I get this error:
    To install a domain controller into this active directory forest, you must first prepreare using adprep /forestprep
    Any suggestions???

    • iSiek says :

      Have you checked if your 2003 Domain Controller is 32 or 64-bit ?

      If 32-bit then you need to use adprep32.exe from 2008 R2 DVD media and it needs to be run on Schema master role owner with Enterprise Administrator or Schema Administrator privileges

      Please let me know if that would help


  4. lenz says :

    How important CAL in the organization, if the organization have 23 AD user. Do they must have 23 CAL, is there any enforcement on these matters, because i heard from one of my friend, there is company received warning letter from Microsoft because the CALs matter. The company CALs are not matched with the number of users

    • iSiek says :

      Yes, CALs (Client Access Licences) are really important in case of Microsoft audit. You need to have appropriate amount of CALs for every user (per user CAL) or for every device (per device CAL) to legally use Windows System products.

      You need to find out, which licensing type do you need. If you have more users that workstations, it’s better to use per device CALs. In other case it’s better to use per user CALs.

      CALs must be at level with the higher OS version in the environment! For more details I strongly recommend contacting Micrsoft support to get more detailed explanation.

  5. RS says :


    Your blog’ are too good and there are great stuffs to learn from it. I wanted to fallow your blog but couldn’t find a way on the site. Can you let me know from where can I follow your Blog’s (i.e. Follow US link).

    Regards, RS

    • kpytko says :

      Thank you,

      unfortunately this feature is currently missing on my blog. I am working to bring it up as soon as possible


  6. Zdzislaw "Stisse" TWARDY says :

    Szanowny p Krzsztofie
    znalazlem pana artykul “Adding Additional Domain Controller (Windows 2012) przy pocy google.

    Mam pytanie ktore dotyczy instalacji AD (nie ma znaczenia czy pierwszy czy koljeny DC).: mam problem ktory polega na korelacji instalacji AD razem z DNs-em.
    Czu istnije mozliwosc skontaktowania sie przy pomocy mail zeby mogl opisas moj problem dokladnie. (tzn czy moge dostac panski e-mail address)

    Z powazanie Zdzislaw “Stisse” TWARDY /Szwecja

    • iSiek says :

      Witam p. Zdzislawie,

      prosze o kontakt pod adresem kpytko at go2 dot pl

      Krzysztof Pytko

  7. Allan says :

    Hi Krzysztof,

    im having errors in joining new computers to my domain. i have read all the forums but to no avail. can you walk me thru what are the possible reasons why i cant do it. i was able to join computers before but recently i have discovered that i cant do that any more. the setting i have is i only have one DC. AD DS and DHCP and DNS are all added to the role of that server. i hope you can help me.

  8. service.partner s.r.o. says :

    Mr. Pytko will be possible give me paid help with some errors regards Group policy synchro in Active Directory ?

    • iSiek says :

      Unfortunately I do not have much time for additional support.
      Have you tried with one of my SYSVOL restore atricles?

      Maybe someone else would be able to support you?

      Thank you for your understanding and regards,


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